200 Youth Strong

Because Your Voice Matters

During this event over 200 young adults learned about policy-making, strategies for working with diverse stakeholders around the city, and methods of civic engagement. During the discussion, the young participants identified bullying and other social issues as overwhelmingly their most pressing concern.

Hosted by the Coro New York Leadership Center


  • Program Director, Mayor's Youth Leadership Council,
    Coro New York Leadership Center

  • Program Director, Exploring Leadership, Coro New York Leadership Center


Event Highlights:

"Pollution is a problem. In Hunts Point, we have a high asthma rate because of all the trucks going in and out of our neighborhood -- this is both a health issue and an environmental issue."


- Student

"Cutting programs is one of the most important issues for youth today... these cuts present big challenges to students."


- Student

Event Presentation:

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